• Guaranteed Performance

EFL® Program Homes are issued limited guarantees on comfort and heating/cooling energy use.

TopBuild Home Services is able to offer the limited guarantee on energy used for heating and cooling your home because the combination of special framing techniques, improved insulation systems and efficient ductwork helps manage the energy you use to heat and cool your home. And, those same building techniques help ensure that you won't experience a comfort problem — for example, a bonus room or bedroom that never seems to get warm enough in winter or cool enough in summer.

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Please be advised that TopBuild Home Services recently revised the Limited Guarantee on Comfort and Heating and Cooling Energy Use. As of January 1, 2013, only the first two versions of the Limited Guarantee below will be issued.

Use the icons below to identify the limited guarantee issued to you by your builder. Click on the image or the link to the right of the image for complete details. Please contact Customer Service at 866-912-7233 with any questions.

Following is a summary of the two limited guarantees:

Heating and Cooling Energy Use Limited Guarantee*

TopBuild Home Services guarantees the original homeowner that the energy used to heat and cool the home (as calculated in the account analysis) will not exceed the guaranteed usage listed on the front of the limited guarantee, subject to the terms of the limited guarantee. Since this is a limited guarantee of energy use and not cost, any reference to dollar amounts is strictly an estimate and actual costs will vary with the cost of energy.

Comfort Limited Guarantee*

TopBuild Home Services guarantees the original homeowner that the temperature at the location of the thermostat in the home will not vary more than +/- 3 degrees from the temperature at the center of any conditioned room within that thermostat zone. If the home has a room that does not meet this limited comfort guarantee, TopBuild Home Services will reasonably assist your builder to identify the reason(s) for the temperature variance and reasonably coordinate with your builder to have it make changes or modifications to your home.

*See the guarantee for complete details and limitations.