Green. It's good for your community. AND it's good for your business.

Building green, energy efficient homes can help you compete in today's market. That's because homebuyers care about issues like operating costs and resale value, and local communities are concerned about environmental impact. At the same time, you care about quality construction, customer satisfaction and reduced risk. And demonstrating your commitment to prospective buyers.

The Environments For Living® program offers builders a comprehensive range of energy-efficiency services and tools, from plan reviews, training and field testing to certification and marketing. It delivers measurable results and tangible benefits, including limited guarantees* on comfort and heating and cooling energy use. And the Environments For Living Certified Green program adds even more benefits you can provide to your homebuyers.

In short, we can help you build the homes your buyers want, with the services and tools you need to get there. It's a win-win for everyone.

* See the guarantee for complete details and limitations.

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