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Attend our Building Science Master Certification Training

The Environments For Living® program offers a two-day training on the key principles of building science that all building professionals should know. Energy efficiency and green building are resonating with consumers. Demand for energy efficient, durable, comfortable and environmentally responsible homes is on the rise at a time when the residential new construction market is tougher than ever. Consumers are drawn to tangible benefits such as reduced energy costs and improved indoor air quality — and that's only going to increase in the coming years.

And, building to a higher standard doesn't necessarily mean adding to builders' costs. The time-tested principles of building science may actually help save money by reducing risk and post-closing callbacks, along with providing new marketing opportunities. This two-day class addresses the issues that will help building professionals understand and construct the kind of homes that today's customers are looking for:

The class includes:
  • Creating a tight structure
  • Improving the thermal boundary
  • Developing a conditioning strategy that works in your climate
  • Understanding and implementing moisture management
  • Offering indoor environmental quality in your homes
  • Achieving water conservation with no trade-off in performance
  • Developing an energy-efficient lighting plan
  • Implementing and promoting sound control for enhanced quality of living
  • Leveraging the power of green marketing

2011 Seminar Schedule

  • 16 Hour Web-based Training
    Course utilizes streaming videos, study guides and quizzes to assess student's progress.
    Instructor: John Tooley, Sr. Building Science Consultant
    Course Fee: $600
    (Course qualifies for 6 RESNET and 16 BPI Continuing Education Credits)

Register using the form at left to be invoiced or contact us at (866) 912-7233 to register and pay by credit card.

Home Builder Associations that are interested in scheduling a seminar sponsored by the Environments For Living program are welcome to call us at (866) 912-7233.

Get comprehensive training through Green Builder College™.

Building a high-performance, resource-efficient home isn't difficult, but you may need more than a checklist to get there. Builders who are serious about making this commitment can learn state-of-the-art techniques by taking a five-course online educational program through Green College, offered by the publishers of Green Builder® magazine. With proprietary content from TopBuild Home Services, the Environments For Living Certified Green educational track offers specific training in applying the principles of building science on the job site — and the reasons behind it. It's not only about being green; it's about better building techniques for better homes.

Click here for more information about the Environments For Living Certified Green training program offered through Green Builder College.

Building Science Seminars from Building Science Corporation.

Building Science Corporation provides consulting services in the areas of architecture, building diagnostic/forensic investigations, education and training, and material science analysis. In addition, Building Science Corporation regularly conducts workshops and seminars that are tailored toward building professionals.

Building Science Seminars currently offers either a two-day introductory seminar on building science topics or an advanced session on specific building science principles and practices.

Click here for more information about the company and these seminars.